Saturday, 19 January 2019

On Seed Saving

I have about 500 packs of organic seeds and have spent considerable time planting, with positive results all round. But this little lot here are seeds I’ve saved, part of a stash from supermarket foods and garden bits and pieces that went to seed.

Let’s see, we have peas, capsicum, pumpkin and peppers. I am addicted to seed and like to plant and plant and plant. Today I am going to plant these and see how they compare to my other sourced seeds. How do supermarket pumpkin seeds compare, growth and fruit wise with my heirloom seeds?

I just love seeds so much, it makes me feel wealthy to have them, dry them, plant them.

Watch this space.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

On Laziness

Sometimes, one needs to have a break. So I climb into my hammock, with the chicken coop and garden beds for company, and relax. I feel guilty after a while, especially if Mr O-GF is busy, but he doesn’t mind. At night the solar fairy lights come on, and apart from the odd bug, it’s heaven.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Of Weighing The Veg!

I’ve started a little book where I weigh the veg I collect each day. So for example 500g of green beans, 3 chicken eggs and 1kg of pumpkin. At the end of each week I am going to tally the total weight and cost it out, as if I was buying it from the supermarket. This way I can get a rough estimate of how much in weight and dollars we are producing.

Since we still buy some things from the supermarket and our aim is to be 100 percent non-reliant, this will be a big incentive regarding how much we are saving and still spending, and also where we are still spending at the big retailers.

Plus, I love statistics and graphs!

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Of Tables, Tallow, Blanching And Repurposing

Hello there, thanks for stopping by. Welcome to new followers, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know someone, somewhere is reading.

Here is an example of our vegetables in the (for the freezer) packaging. I picked the beans and blanched them, then bagged them up in recycled plastic and elastic bands. I don't believe in throwing anything out that will be used again in the way of bags etc, this way we don't need to re-buy anything. This was just a small harvesting as the hot house was so hot, I lost focus in the heat after a small effort.

We needed a table for between our two (second-hand) recliners. Mr O-GF made one from wood he had salvaged for free, that was being thrown out. The stain was also free, as were the wooden mats, also home made. Isn't the grain lovely? It's sturdy, and runs rings round any crap that could be bought in a modern furniture store.

I had an old pair of stinky rubber gloves that needed chucking, so I cut them across ways in order to create rubber bands for future bagging. We have a small container that all the useful bits are put in, so there's no worries if we ever need to find something like a rubber band, paper clip or button.

A lovely reader asked what a tallow tree is from a previous post. Considered a weed in many places, a tallow tree is a tree that produces an ingredient found in candles, soap and oil. It is mostly an ornamental and more info can be found HERE .

This morning I planted 20 more purple bean plants and 3 Madagascaran beans. Yesterday we worked on passionfruit vines and climbing roses. It's all go, but everything seems to be taking this year, going mad, growing like triffids. There's a lot of freezing and bagging in my future!

I need a rest.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Of Large Squash, Green Beans, Potatoes, Golden Nuggets, Chicken And Quail Eggs

This makes me Happy!

With a capital H!

This symbolises everything that our family work for. Fresh vegetables, eaten (mostly) on the day they are picked. This helps me cope with the bizarrely early mornings, the collection of snails, the perpetually dirty feet, the digging, the chopping, the composting, the pain of insects, everything.

This also symbolises less money in the pockets of large companies who sell tasteless food at stupid prices.

When I see this, I am joyful.

For NYE Mr O-GF barbecued the golden nuggets and squash, along with a few apricots, in garlic. The potatoes we're having tonight with salami, garlic, butter, garden-picked herbs and cheese.

It's simple food, but it has a lot of taste, and in my romantic heart it has even extra taste since it's from our own garden, made with love. Tended with care.

Bloody marvellous!

Happy New Year All!

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Of Dirty Feet And Flip-Flop Lines

You can see the V on my foot where I wear flip-flops. Mostly I have bare feet.

No matter how hard I scrub them, or cheese-grater them, they're always mucky. It's not sexy, but it is indicative of our lifestyle. I hate wearing closed in footwear as it feels claustrophobic. I used to own a lot of footwear, but it's in the single digits now and getting worn out or rehoused every year.

But, being barefoot makes me feel closer to the earth, I certainly carry enough of it ingrained into the soles of my feet!

Friday, 28 December 2018

Of Compostable Plant Pots, Feverfew, Pomegranate & Tallow Tree

Good morning!

I spent some of today making little composting plant pots from a free over 50s newspaper I pick up at the library. As well as this I alphabetised and documented our seed collection. This is not as weird as it sounds, I did it because I needed to see what we have, what we need, and what we’ve doubled up on. Most of our seeds appear to fall into the category of seeds beginning with the letter C or letter S.

I then thought about today’s planting.

The feverfew had gone weird, so alas it did not get planted. I substituted it with cumin. I think I planted six of those. Then I soaked five pomegranate seeds for a few hours and planted them, along with  ten tallow tree seeds and a tray of Coleus.

Mr O-GF is in the process of planning and making a vegetable stand. This will go at the bottom of our driveway for passers by to hopefully buy our extra fruit, veg and flowers. Long-term we aim to sell enough that our work hours will become minimal. Our spending is quite small, so I don’t think this is too big of an ask..or a dream. We have low bills due to the off-grid nature of our lifestyle along with being frugal folk.

Society by and large is something we don’t fit into. The more I know of the outside world, the less I want to be part of it.

We have work to do, but there is so much to aim for.